Stanford scientists develops Self Cooling lithium-ion battery

One of the most common problems usually experienced by lithium-ion batteries is that when damaged or overheated, they will swell in size and explode.

This is usually the story of phones and other devices exploding and catching fire, which is as a result of unauthorized or low-quality charger which sometimes fails to regulate the amount of power going into device battery.
However, Research has been going on to reduce the likelihood of such an outcome.

Experts from Stanford University have developed a new lithium-ion battery, which will warn overheating and self-cooling.

It is worth noting that the new development does not guarantee 100% security in excess of the standard parameters of charging. Even a new battery can catch fire, but it will be extremely difficult.

The most interesting thing is that the processes of heating, cooling and safety shutdown does not affect the performance of the battery and power supply to the mobile device. This was achieved through the use of special materials.


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