Speck Release New Pocket Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is making way around the globe and there is no limit to how many you can watch but you surely need a viewer to watch it.

Is a bit challenging to go out in public with a Gear VR by your side, but what could be better than a device you can easily carry around in your pocket?

 Pocket VR by Speck is a collapsible Google Cardboard-certified viewer that can easily be carried inside a pocket.

The Google Cardboard viewer is fragile so you have to be careful when handling it or taking it out with you, Pocket VR is essentially a Google Cardboard viewer but it’s made out of plastic.
 Coupled with an elastic band the product is designed to be portable when you need to watch VR content simply take it out of the pocket and unfold the plastic sides then wedge the phone between the elastic straps to ensure that it sits tightly.

Pocket VR has no buttons so you can’t interact with the screen, which is why this viewer is good if you’re only interested in viewing content and not playing many of the virtual reality games.

Speck is going to include the Pocket VR with its CandyShell cases so users get protection for their smartphone as well as a VR headset, the device will be available in spring this year for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 as well as the Galaxy S6 for $69.95, that’s for the PocketVR and CandyShell case combined.

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