RAZER Launch New Stargazer Webcam

If you think using external webcam is old fashion then you need to meet the new RAZER Stargazer Webcam designed with style to enhance your gaming and 3D view.

The company RAZER is known for ideas because it never runs short of ideas and the new generation RAZER Stargazer Webcam is just another unique idea that have come to stay.

After successfully entering the classic markets with different kinds of hardware like; keyboards, wearables and even laptops, no one would be expecting that the company RAZER will be going into the production of a hardware tagged by many as old fashion but surprises is what we meet with on regular bases as RAZER launch a new RAZER Stargazer webcam designed with gamers in mind.

The Stargazer webcam is designed to cater for the needs of gamers. For this reason, it can stream at 60 FPS (frames per second), although in 720p. The main reason it’s not streaming in 1080p is the bandwidth requirements, but you can bet that this will come in time since is not impossible to stream in 1080p 30FPS.

Stargazer webcam has a secondary microphone that provides audio noise-cancellation to make conversations as clear as possible.
Is interesting when you see that Razer has integrated the Intel RealSense 3D scanning technology. If you are unfamiliar with, it is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect because it uses an infrared “depth” sensor that gives it the ability to see accurately how far things are from the camera.

Also, the 3D scanning technology can truly scan real-world objects into 3D Models, at the moment directly into Unity.


The features of the Stargazer webcam is powerful, just as the price of the Stargazer Webcam: at $199, making it one of the most expensive webcams, but that is the price of powerful device.

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