MTN Musicplus Tweak for Psiphon Still Blazing With Updated Settings

If you have been using the mtn music trick that have been on for some time now then this update will not be entirely new to you, but if not then you just have to follow this simple steps to start enjoying 150mb which you can renew as many times as possible which means I wouldn’t be wrong if I said you are browsing unlimited for 100% free.

Things you Need

To start enjoying this unlimited 150mb, you will have to download an app, also get your mtn sim ready and you need an Android phone (You Don’t Have To Root The Phone).

Step 1:

Download and install Psiphon, Psiphon will be used as the proxy server so you need to download it.

Step 2:

Open and Configure Psiphon using the following configuration:

Proxy Type: Real Host
Custom Header: X-Online-Host
Proxy Server:

Leave others blank.

Click on save to save your settings. You will get a pop up box; chose “Tunnel whole device”.

Step 3:

You will be taken to main menu of the app.
From the main menu select “options” in options menu and select a region.
* Select “Best Performance” in the ‘region select’.
* Go down and locate “*More options*” under the “*Handler*” button.
* Under the “Proxy Settings*” Check the box beside “Connect through HTTP” then select “Use the following settings”

*Host Address:***Port:* 8080

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Step 4:
After setting your Psiphon, the next thing you have to do is get your 150mb from mtn and start browsing.

So here is the deal: Send Music to 5900 if you are a new subscriber (I mean if you have not sent this before) and you will get your first 150mb to start browsing.

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After you must have finished the first 150mb, you have to renew your subscription to get another 150mb to continue browsing and this is the aim of this post.

Now to get another 150mb for free you have to send Cancel7i to 5900 ( before it was cancel7d to 5900 but that doesn’t work anymore). After sending the message, wait for some seconds then send “I to 5900” you will be given another 150mb to continue browsing and you can repeat the process each time you run out of MB.

Download: Psiphon

If you would preffer to use the mb on pc with simple server, the download mtn musicplus simple server here
If you encounter any problem during the setup leave us a comment.

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