How to Connect Laptop to TV HDMI

A few days ago a friend came to me asking how he could connect his laptop to his new LG LED flat screen tv using the HDMI port on his tv and laptop.

His question made me do some research and here is a step by step guild that helped I and my friend step up a connection between his laptop and TV using HDMI cable.

Things you need to connect your laptop to tv hdmi

First before you even think of connecting your laptop to a tv hdmi you have to look out for the following;

1. Check the tv and make sure it has hdmi port and do same for your laptop.

If you have confirmed that both the tv and laptop has hdmi port, then you have to get the following;


With the above things on your side, your success in connecting your laptop to tv hdmi is assured.

Connecting your laptop to tv hdmi

step 1

connect the hdmi cable to the laptop

Connect your hdmi cable to the port as shown above.
HDMI cable connected

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Step 2

Extend the cable and connect the other end to the hdmi port at the back of the tv

Step 3

On your tv remote press the input button, you will get multiple options screw down and select HDMI.

If your hdmi cable and ports(both that of tv and laptop) are okay your tv screen will change showing you your desktop and you have successfully connected your laptop to your tv hdmi.

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Now you can enjoy bigger display on your tv without limitation.

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