Google Play May Return To China In 2016

Google Play

Google Play was available in China but was later pulled out at some point. Since then, some Chinese companies such as Baidu have filled that gap. However according to rumors from last year, it was stated that Google play could be returning the Play Store to China, albeit in a more censored state.

According to a report from Tech Sina (via 9to5Google), it seems Lenovo’s chief Chen Xudong has also confirmed that Google will be making a return of Google Play this year. Due Google is yet to confirm or deny their plans, so with Lenovo’s chief statement, it’s starting to sound very likely.

However what was not mentioned was when it will be coming back. Last we heard, it was suggested that a launch in February is possible, meaning that we could be hearing the official news next month, but until Google actually says something, we’d suggest you not get your hopes up for now.

The interesting part is, Google Play will function like the version found around the world. However, earlier reports have indicated that it will be a censored version and that it may very well run separate of the rest of Google Play. This means that it will only be Google Play in name and that apps on it might not necessarily be the same as the version found in other markets.

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