Finally No More $1 Annual Subscription Fee for Whatsapp

Whatsapp $1 after first year have become a thing of the past today.

 Whatsapp Messenger has been charging its users an annual fee of $1 or £1, depending on their location due this was suppose to be after the first year of usage. But this have been put to a lasting end today.

The Facebook-owned messenger goes completely free and slashes any and all annual fees.

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Whatsapp explains that the official reason for removing the annual fee is that many of its users across the globe don’t have a credit/debit card, and are afraid they might lose their conversations and access to their preferred messenger.

Although the question remains how will this app be monitized because there should at least be a way to make some money from this unique and most used messanger.

While we wait for the owners of whatsapp messanger to comeup with a means to monitize the app we can continue to enjoy the service at 100% free without $1 charge after one year at the back of our mind.

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