File Sharing Between iPhone and Android Using Woundershare MobileTrans

Do you have an iPhone? do you also have an Android phone?
how easy do you find transferring or sharing files between your iPhone and Android smartphones?

If you find it difficult sharing files between your Android and iPhone then your days of worries are over; as Wondershare MobileTrans for mac helps you reduce the stress of transferring files between your iPhone and Android smartphone with a click of the button.

Woundershare MobileTrans for mac makes moving your file from iPhone to Android very easy and fast on mac OS.

Woundershare MobileTrans for mac is fully compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop New icon, iOS 8.1 and you can transfer over all of your data  including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps with no risk or loss of quality.

Woundershare MobileTrans for mac does more than just transfer of names and numbers to your new Android device from iPhone but it also transfers both job titles, email address, company name and much more.

With Woundershare MobileTrans for mac you don’t have to stay on a particular brand because it supports over 3000+ phones and network; Android to Android file transfer;  file sharing between iPhone and Android; iOS to iOS; Backup to Mac and restore at anytime! what more can you ask for?

Just clear your mind of any kind of fear and enjoy instant file sharing between your iPhones and Android even Blackberry smartphones.


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