Apple is Developing an App to Transfer Files from iOS to Android

iOS is not as bad as I thought! as they plan to release a new app that allows iOS users to move documents, contacts, photos and other personal information to Android powered device.

You can recall that in September last year the company released similar app which allowed Android devices to easily transfer documents, photos, contacts and other personal information on the new iPhone.

Now, according to the newspaper The Telegraph, the company is working to reverse the application allowing iPhone users to transfer personal information to the Android-powered device.

According to the daily,  Apple is developing this app in to minimize the risk of competition in Europe.

The fact that mobile operators in Europe have complained that very few people are transferred from the iPhone to other mobile platforms, which hampers their talks with Apple regarding the contractual terms. Cellular operators in these countries are convinced that Apple restricts competition, complicating the process of transition from iOS to other platforms for users. As a result, Apple agreed to develop such an application and help solve problems. However, even an approximate release date of the program is not made public.

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