Voice Assistant Cortana Officially Comes To iOS and Android

The company Microsoft has long promised to release a virtual assistant Cortana on competitive platforms, and after a few months of active beta application Cortana appeared on iOS and Android. So, thanks to Microsoft’s voice assistant iOS and Android users can set reminders, get information about flights and premises, to learn about the weather and other useful information.

 It is important to understand that Cortana for iOS and Android will not be so closely integrated with the mobile platform as an assistant for Windows Version 10 Mobile. But in the new version of Cyanogen assistant Cortana will be installed by default because of the prisoner OS developers agreement with Microsoft. Owners of smartphones Cyanogen virtual assistant, in addition to all the above, will help set up the network, turn off the unit or put it in silent mode. And only in the case of Cyanogen user will be able to use the command “Hey Cortana” at any time, which makes use of a virtual assistant on the OS of the most approximate to the functionality of the Windows version 10.

Currently, Cortana is available only to residents of the USA and China. Microsoft promises to significantly expand the list of supported countries for the next year. The program is compatible with 8 iOS, Android 4.1.2 and higher.

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