Samsung and LG May Join in the production of flexible OLED-display for Apple

Earlier this month, information about the plans of the Japanese company Japan Display inc. (JDI) to establish a full-scale production of OLED-displays for the iPhone. Now, rumors have it that the mass production of new flexible screens for iPhone will take the unit Samsung Display and LG Display.

The first set of the product should be expected in late 2017 or early 2018.
 the company JDI sees the production as a long-term investment in Korean “giants.” The Total amount invested in the production is about $ 12.8 billion, while Apple has covered some of the costs.

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LG plans to start with the production of 30,000 of flexible OLED-displays a month and increase the production rate to 60 000 per month so as to meet up with the set target. Samsung will start with a larger quantity because she already has a well-established system of production that can cover the figure of 90 000 displays per month. A total of Korean companies are expected to supply about 200,000 panels a month, which would be consistent with the expected sales of the new iPhone.

According to rumors, the negotiations between Apple and Samsung is not smooth. Presumably, the main reason for the differences is the desire to buy Apple displays at a lower price, while Samsung has already got used to have a mutually beneficial trade relations with the Chinese manufacturers of smartphones purchased from Korean Super AMOLED-display on-ful Price.

As at the time of this post, both LG and Samsung are yet to sign a final agreement with Apple.


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