Microsoft Continuum will Require Paid Subscription to Office 365 Next Year

In Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has implemented a new feature “Continuum”, through which the mobile device can be connected to TV or monitor and continue to work with certain apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Using a special dock to your phone, you can also connect keyboard and mouse for more comfortable work with text.

At the moment, the use Continuum to work with proprietary office applications requires no payment, but in the nearest future, the situation will change dramatically.

According to Kirk Kёningsbauer, corporate vice president of development divisions Office, starting in April next year to use the mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint mode Continuum will require payment of Office 365.

Editing in Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Continuum Smartphone will require a subscription to Office 365, but try the feature without a subscription to Office 365 is on March 31, 2016.

The main problem of paid access to mobile office suite through Continuum is that the desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint is much more functional. At the same time, one will have to pay a full subscription to Office 365. It should also be noted that the introduction of monetization for Continuum contradicts previous statements by Microsoft’s new positioning function as the best office solution in the smartphone segment average for the region’s low-income population.

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