Google Chromecast Now a home Game Console

Today, Google has announced that it’s rolling out several new games made just for its tiny TV streamer.

They include Angry Birds Friends (which lets you compete in weekly tournaments), Driver Speedboat Paradise plus a whole host of Hasbro board games designed to be played on the TV.
Examples of the latter include Monopoly Here & Now, Yahtzee Blitz, The Game of Life, Scrabble Blitz 2.0 and Risk.

The idea with these boardgame translations is that you can play them split-screen — the main board will be on the TV, while friends and family can view their own cards or tiles on their phones or tablets.

This games can be a great way to relax when your not in the mode to watch movies on your Tv.

You can download these games starting today on the Chromecast app store.

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