Brazilian Government Suspends Whatsapp For 2 Days

Can you imagine a day without your favourite social network? That is the current situation in Brazil as the Brazilian government close down Whatsapp for 2 days.

The Brazilian Government has issued a decree on the official 48-hour suspension of the application WhatsApp in the state. This was a devastating blow for millions of Brazilians, given that WhatsApp is the most widely used application in the country. According to records, about 93% of Internet users in Brazil today use WhatsApp and  the temporary closure of the application caused a storm of criticism from citizens.

However, a temporary stop of WhatsApp in Brazil  is just the beginning. The Brazilian Congress is developing a bill according to which users, spread a damaging State or Government of the content will be brought to administrative or even criminal liability. Among other possible “innovations” – an open permission to control the activities of Internet users by the government. The question of whether it would be adopted controversial bill remains open.


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