Apple Tv Now Equiped with 360 View

360-degree video has arrived on multiple platforms this year, both on mobile, web, etc with services like Facebook and YouTube adding support to provide another viewing experience to their users. Apple TV is one platform where 360-degree videos is yet to make an appearance, and now they have. 
Littlstar today launched an app for the Apple TV which brings 360-degree videos to Apple’s TV platform for the very first time.
Littlstar is a top destination for 360-degree videos, the app was launched back in 2014 with the help  of funding from Disney’s accelerator program. 
The app already have  lots of 360-degree videos so Apple TV owners have no need worring for content when they get the app.
The Littlstar app provides access to 360-degree videos from a wide variety of partners which include the Wall Street Journal, National Geographic and Mountain Dew. 
So all class of users have enough for their viewing pleasure on the Apple TV. 
The app also allows you to share your own videos.
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