Apple Release List of Best Apps for 2015

As the year comes to and end, is time to reward those who have worked hard and Apple have taken the lead by releasing the list of some of the most popular software and games running on iPhone 6 and other Apple mobile product.

Apple released top 10 games, top 10 applications and below is the list.
Top 10 best applications for the iPhone:
Robinhood – Free Stock Trading;
Workflow (“Most Innovative”);
Instagram (“Best choice for iPhone 6S”);
Now HBO;
Hopper – Airfare Predictions;
Darkroom – Photo Editor;
Lark – Personal Weight Loss Coach;
Everything Machine by The Tinybob.
Top 10 best games:
GO Croft Lara;
Shelter Fallout;
Jump Mr;
Echo Dark (“Most Innovative”);
40,000 Warhammer: Freeblade (“Best choice for iPhone 6S”);
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft;
Boss Dungeon;
Puzzle Craft 2;
PAC-MAN 256.
In addition, the company named the most popular content in other sections:
Best Album: 25 – Adele;
Best Song: Uptown Funk (feat Bruno Mars) – Mark Ronson;
Best Film: Kingsman: The Secret Service;
Best TV show: Game of Thrones

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