4 Simple Steps to Enhance Google Chrome Speed

Fast internet is what every internet user wants to have but sometimes, no matter the speed of your internet connection,  your browser can be a major setback preventing you from enjoying the maximum speed provided by your ISP and this is why we have come up with this post to help you enhance your Google Chrome browser so as to continue enjoying fast internet connection.
Before we get to know the steps that will enable us enhance the speed of our browser, lets recall this post from Google. 
In a blog post, Google explains the method of prerendering the links that can make your Google Chrome faster. Actually, while browsing, Chrome predicts the links you might click and it prepares them to load instantly for you.
For instance, If you are on a web page and there’s a read more or next page link, Google Chrome loads the web page and serves it instantly as you click on it. Also, by enabling this option for increasing the Google Chrome speed, you browser predicts the web pages you might enter in the address bar and shows them as you hit enter. Chrome does this by looking at your browsing habits.
Here is a simple step by step way to turn on these network action predictions and enhance your browsing speed in few minutes.
Step *: Lunch Chrome 
1. Click on the hamburger Chrome menu symbol located at the top right corner of your Chrome browser to open the settings.
2.Go to Settings and then click on Show advanced settings.
3. Now in the privacy section check Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly.
On your Android device:
1. Tap on the Chrome menu and open Settings.
2. Under Advanced, find Privacy and open it.
3. Now look for the option Prefetch page resources and enable it.
4. You’ll get with the  following options, choose the desired one to make your Google Chrome faster:
Always: Chrome will always preload webpages even when you’re using mobile data. This way, you may end up using a large chunk of mobile data.
Only on Wi-Fi: Chrome will only preload webpages on Wi-Fi network. This is the default option.
Note: If you are using a very limited data plan, select this to stop Google Chrome from preloading the web pages.
before i conclude this post, it is very important to no note that there are few useful extensions that can help you  speed up your Google Chrome.
1. The Great Suspender: It’s my personal favorite extension and stops Chrome from killing your PC by eating tons of RAM. This extension suspends the unused tabs in Chrome, saves your PC juice and makes Google Chrome faster. 
2. Better Browse: This extension makes web browsing on Google Chrome about 15% faster by using some simple tweaks already mention in this tutorial.

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