Yandex Updated Version Comes With 3D Support For iOS

Developers of Yandex have announced a major upgrade of the mobile application for iOS.

Yandex received full support for iOS watchOS 9 and 2, as well as the latest models of iPhone and iPad.

As a result of the update, Yandex can now be used as a complete online guide to find organizations with the right service, view photos and read reviews of places.

 Also, Yandex for iOS supports new features of the operating system: such as, finding a company that recently opened in the map by using the built-in search iOS.

On the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, users can now use 3D Touch to visually visit the  home or to work, saved places and organizations find nearby.

The updated map will provide filters that allow you to specify search options – for instance, to find beauty salons with car wash to dry cleaning.

You can also see the proximity or popularity of the place found on the map before going.
Liked the place is easy to maintain, and make lists of them. They will be available in the “My Places” on iPhone, iPad and the web version of Yandex Maps.

The user can decide whether to go for an hour in his favorite cafe or choose a place closer. In addition, drivers can now comment on the road events, what many of them have long requested.

The app is available for download at  Yandex website for iOS, Android, and Windows version

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