TruckSim To Be Released on iOS November 25

If you love playing Games then look out for the new Game “TruckSim”.

This Wednesday, developers kunst-stoff, in collaboration with the publisher, must Astragon Entertainment will release a new mobile game called TruckSim.

The game will offer users licensed trucks from the German manufacturing company MAN, to travel hundreds of miles  and a variety of tasks. It is worth noting that TruckSim will be largely similar to computer simulations truckers; this means that users will not only carry cargo but also engage in the development of their business.

According to the publishers, early users will have access to a small firm freight and old truck that will deliver small orders and earn money.
The proceeds will allow players to buy new and more reliable trucks. The choice will be available for seven different models ranging from vintage MAN F8 and ending with the various models of trucks MAN TGS and TGX.

Once players acquire  better trucks and have a certain amount of fund, they can turn their attention to the development of the firm and the hiring of new drivers.

 Also, the developers of the game promise that TruckSim players can expect a wide variety of loads, an extensive network of roads stretching over 300 miles (15.534 corresponds to the actual miles) and 20 major cities.

The Game will appear in App Store on 25th of November with English and other Languages but Russia and Japanese version will come later.

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