Microsoft’s New Tech can detect What’s Around You and Provide Answers

A few months ago I was discussing the possibility of having a software that tells you what is in a particular picture and today it turns out Microsoft is working on something similar.

Specialists research lab Microsoft is constantly working on a variety of  projects and new technologies.

One of the latest developments of the laboratory is the technology of recognition and analysis of objects in the image, as well as answer questions about them.

 To do this, the system uses computer vision, deep learning and speech processing. With this technology, you can learn not only “what is depicted in the photo” But “What color is the building?”, “What is a computer?”, “What is between the two buildings?” or “What is depicted in the background of the sky?”.

The developers explain that the system works on the principle of the human eye by analyzing image and responding to the various questions posed in natural language.

Source: Microsoft news

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