Keyboard With Emotion

How Emotional are you?

With the increase in the use of emotion icons on facebook and other social networks, pc users hold be much happier if their was an easy and a click on the keyboard to insert an emotion into your status update; this is why the new keyboard EmojiWorks is a sure and better way to update your status with that cute and funny emotion you always wanted. 

The Keyboard EmojiWorks is a common manual Bluetooth-keyboard, the keyboard is applied in addition to the letters emoticons which makes it superb for your social networking life. 

EmojiWorks can be used as a normal keyboard, but it is necessary to press a special button “emoji” (Alt) in conjunction with the right button, and the screen will display a smiley welcome. Of course, for their correct display need to install special software yet.
The keyboard is available in several variations: the standard version with 47 emoticons, Plus and Pro with 94 to 120. EmojiWorks compatible with devices on Mac, Windows and iOS. 
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