Google Review A Star Trek Communicator

Google has made a Star Trek Communicator device.

Google’s Star Trek Communicator device as seen in the image above, is a prototype gadget that is attached to clothes; the device was created to test how people may interact with Google’s Voice Search.

The device was revealed by Google’s Amit Singhal who said the following about Google’s new voice search gadget.

I always wanted that pin, You just ask it anything and it works. That’s why we were like, ‘Let’s go prototype that and see how it feels.’”

Google’s communicator device has only entered the testing phase, so don’t get your hopes high just yet as the company has not announced any plans to release the device to the public.

According to Time, engineers at Google have an obsession with Star Trek and the gadgets featured in the movies and TV show, so it is no surprise that they have built a prototype communicator device like the one used in the movies.

Whether the device will be released or not is yet unknown.

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