China To Produce China OS With Spy Protection

It’s no secret that  Chinese government opposes any influence from the West so as to prevent spy which  is why they blocked popular services like Google Play, Facebook, YouTube just to mention a few.

In addition, China has actively planned to develop its own operating system “China OS” to join the competition  with Google, Apple and Microsoft.

According to the publications from The Wall Street Journal, the Chinese government is going to release its own smartphone protected from any form of spy.

The development of national protected smartphone will be engaged in the company ZTE. It is worth noting that China has a very large popular phones from Apple, and the first lady of the country was subject to strong criticism for using iPhone, because of which she had to change it to ZTE Nubia Z5.

It is interesting that ZTE produces Soup on the Android operating system from Google and processors from another US company – Qualcomm.

 However, the manufacturer plans to start using the components and software produced in China, with the possibility of eliminating all Western spy on them.

The operating system for the smartphone will use a secure development of Alibaba. The latter actively supports the Ministry of Public Security of China.


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