Bing Maps Comes With Camera Views Across 11 Countries

Recently, most map services provide live traffic data so you know how long the commute is going to take and what routes to avoid in order to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Bing Maps is taking it one step further. A new update is out today for Microsoft’s mapping service and users can now view 35,000 traffic cameras across 11 countries in Bing Maps, this will allow them to get a proper look at the route they’re going to take and decide whether or not it’s best to go that way.

Traffic camera views can be accessed in the traffic layer which can be turned on by clicking on Traffic in Bing Maps. Clicking on this brings traffic information that’s overlaid on roads.

 Zoom in and traffic camera views pop up, like the camera on I-90 in the Seattle area shown in the picture above.

his feature will certainly go a long way in making lives easier, enabling drivers to better plan their commute and save time in the process.


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