Apple Macbook Pro Gets A Marble Finishing From ColorWare

 ColorWare is known for it’s wow effect which they add to any product they touch.  In May this year, they wowed us with the limited edition iPhone 6 Black Widow design and earlier this month the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus got another retro makeover courtesy of the customization company (ColorWare).

The people at ColorWare have been busy creating another wow effect! on another Apple device; the Apple MacBook Pro.

The laptop has been updated with a marble finish and a 24k Gold Apple logo.

ColorWare’s MacBook Pro Marble is a handcrafted 15″ MacBook Pro Retina with the look and feel of marble.

At first glance, you may actually be fooled into thinking the laptop has been chiseled from marble, but the secret is a specialized art application technique. The pale grey surface features a dark bluish black marbling pattern and is complemented by the 24k Gold Apple logo.

Justin Cisewski, CEO at ColorWare stated, “Marble skins have been around for a long time. Dozens of manufacturers have replicated the skins, or cases, but they have the look and feel of a skin. We pushed the boundaries of art application to create an elite MacBook Pro Retina reminiscent of carved marble used in ancient Roman sculptures. This product goes way beyond a skin or case.

With production of the MacBook Pro Marble limited to just 10 pieces they are sure to be sold out within days even with the price tag of  $7500.
Each Apple MacBook Pro Marble laptop is individually numbered and ships in 3-4 weeks. 

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