The application Microsoft Invite help arrange a meeting

Microsoft Invite

Microsoft Garage is one of the major projects of the company in which the employees of the corporation may engage in the realization of their own ideas, sometimes not directly related to their duties. One of these ideas was the creation of applications for the organization of meetings of certain groups of people, which was called Invite and released for iOS. 
The principle of the application is simple enough, while it allows you to synchronize the schedules of busy people to find the optimal time for a meeting.
In the first phase the user specifies a time convenient to him, and sends an invitation to all interested parties, which would require only a valid email address. If the recipients are also installed Invite, they will see the notification from the program. For those who use other mobile operating systems, the application is available in the browser. Seeing a notice of the proposed meeting time, specify the recipients have the time that is convenient for them to meet. As a result, the initiator can determine the optimal date and time that fits all, and send the invitation, which can be entered directly into the calendar.
Best of all the app works for subscribers to Office 365, but it is reported that they will be available with an account on, Gmail and even Yahoo Mail. Currently Invite only works in the US and Canada. In the near future we plan to release an application on Windows Phone and Android.

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