Google Play Services preparing to release Android 6.0

In anticipation of the new version of the mobile operating system Android, Google Play services have new tools for developers and serial number of 8.1. Updated tools for application developers will fully realize those innovations which the company announced at the conference Google I / O this year. With some modifications, developers can work now, and some reveal its potential only with the release of Android 6.0.

Among the most interesting innovations are the following:

Marshmallow Permissions – the new version of Android users will be able to “fine” tuning application access to certain functions of the smartphone, while the company noted that the developers will need to modify the currently available applications to work with a new set of features in order to avoid errors and incorrect work programs;
App Invites allows users to send your friends an invitation to try a particular application or a game;
Ambient Mode Maps is new Google Maps Android API and provides an opportunity to include the regime of simplified black-and-white display maps, including third-party applications, which saves battery power your smartphone;

Nearby Status Listener is a service charge of novelty company called Google Nearby, which, in turn, is a way to interact with nearby smartphones and tablets. The service allows users to exchange messages and information, and devices to communicate with each other;
Play Games Player Stats API is responsible for analyzing user success in games, sorting them according to three main categories – the amount of time spent, engagement and progress, allowing game developers to create unique rewards and bonuses for gamers, as well as offer advice on the passage of challenging levels.
Other changes Google Play services are cosmetic, including funds, are responsible for collecting anonymous information on when the applicati

on was launched for the first time.

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Official SDK for Google Play Services Version 8.1 is available for download and installation now, so that software developers are able to proceed to finalize their programs in order to meet with the Android 6.0 has modified and optimized product.


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