Pay for Google play apps filling out survey

Pay for Google play apps by filling out surveys
Most time people find it very difficult spending their money on apps
even if they really need the app which results to downloading of cracked
versions which may result to virus attack.

With the new Google Opinion Rewards from Google, you don’t have to spend your money any more
rather Google survey makes the money that pay for the apps you download on google play.

How to take Google Survey

Google’s survey app is currently supported in the following countries: United States, Canada,
United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. Of course, there are ways
to make it work in any country, but it’s simply not worth the hassle to go though all these steps.

It works like this:

    Install Google Opinion Rewards on your Android device
    Register and fill out test survey
    Wait for surveys to appear in your push notifications
    Complete survey and you can receive up to $1.00
    in Play credits for completing.

This Profit is then added to your wallet and you can pay for your apps without adding
your credit/ debit card or even using your paypal account.

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