I have been shopping with Aliexpress for the past 3 years without issues but just as you know; there is always a bad guy hiding within the good guys and Aliexpress is not different.

I am a victim of one of this bad guys who sent me a fake tracking site with phishing or malicious software after making payment for a product on as the site was dictated bu server then mother site to

Here is the site the guy sent:

Here is also a link from aliexpress showing the complain of some buyers who received the same site and had one issue or the other:

The said site will tell you that the product you ordered is already in the designated country but will never arrive.

Here is my Message to the seller in the image below:

Here is the responds from the tracking site:

They are still processing the dispute request I submitted but whatever the outcome this post should serve as an eye opener to other Aliexpress shoppers.

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