TOP 3 Games For Ladies

Most often, we consider games designed for the male such as arcade, shooters, action, tactical strategy games which  to be enjoyed by female but you find out that most ladies are just not interested in this games because to them is too stressful and hard to understand there for they need a more enjoyable game to relax with.

Here are some of the games which you can give to your female friends.


We have different types of runner games which include; Temple run, Falling Fred, Jetpack Joyride, Subway Surfers and much more am very sure every lady will want to play this games. Use the link below to get some cool runner games from Google play

Crush Games

Crush games are getting more popular by the day as new ones just coming out as the day goes by. Just like candy crush saga, Ice crush,  Farm Heroes Saga, Pop Block crush  etc you move the line to match at least 3  with same color till you emerge winner.

Check out some cool crush games from Google play.

Crush Games


Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are great way to keep the mind alert and active because you need to use your head so you can qualify for the next stage. There are thousands of puzzle games in Google play you can check it out and download some for your female friends to keep their brain active. You can click the link below to see some interesting puzzle games from Google play.


The above set of games will make any lady relax like never before and make every single moment fun. 





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