Google Announce Android Pay

 Google Announce Android Pay

Google recently decided to build a presence in the field of Mobile payment. Last week, Google announced a collaboration and sharing of mobile payment systems based on the application of new Wallet for Android-based phone with mobile operators AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

 Now Google has set about creating a new global system for mobile payments. Speaking at the International Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​senior vice president of the company Sundar Pichai confirmed the existence of the platform Android Pay, which will allow developers to integrate payment option into their applications.

The platform is highlighted in a separate application, such as, Wallet (which  also use Android Pay), this will be integrated into the operating system (Android) itself as a service.
As we know, Apple Pay not only allows iPhone users to buy goods in shops using NFC, the platform also provides tools that allow retailers to integrate  on-line control.

Pichai did not go into details about how Android Pay will work with retailers, but confirmed that the system from Google will offer similar solution to that of Apple Pay.
One of them will be the ability to generate one-time credit card number for each transaction, which will help protect users from fraud.

This standard is supported by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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