BitTorrent Sync 2.0 Now Live

BitTorrent has completed testing their own cloud service; Sync today released a stable version, as well as Pro-version for businesses.

Sync 2.0 allows you to provide access to folders on your computer to other users in the form of web links.
 Also, the new version has other functions, such as the opportunity to combine all of your devices, including your computer, smart phone and tablet using a common account and then access the folders of any connected devices. You can also configure the way  other user has access to these folders as once or on a regular basis.

Pro-version allows you to provide access to folders on all connected devices, and other users can make changes which is immediately visible on any connected device.
 This saves a lot of time, unlike the conventional cloud services.
Pro-version will be distributed by subscription for $ 39.99 per year per user. Also, you can obtain a free trial version for 30 days to evaluate the capabilities of the service.

BitTorrent Sync can be used with computers running OS X and Windows, and mobile devices on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS. Download the application on the official website BitTorrent.

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