3 Myths From Fixing Your Laptop

Let me clarify some myths that deter you from learning how to troubleshoot your laptop yourself.
Here, I have tried to DECONSTRUCT these MYTHS and maybe  you will be moved to take my path.

Fixing Your Laptop

MYTH 1. Troubleshooting should be done ONLY by technical expert; Well, this point has its merit, certain components of a laptop needs the help of well trained computer technician but this type of problem are minuscule( Crash Hard drive, burned out motherboard etc) but more than 90% of any laptop problem can be troubleshoot by any lay person with basic laptop repair skills.

MYTH 2. We have this wrong impression that WARRANTY solves the problem. This is far from the truth, warranty generally extends for a year and THEN WHAT? You should also be thoroughly aware of the type coverage offered for one year. Laptop problems starts manifesting after a period of use and generally, one can expect them after a year.

MYTH 3. Service centres are SAFE. Most of us are still unaware of the potential threat any unscrupulous individuals can do with the data from your laptop. Any information that you input are stored in the laptop memory. With a plethora of recovery techniques and soft-wares available any information is far from SAFE. Recently, there was  news that a University research team was able to retrieve private and confidential data from hard drives of computers that were sent to recycle plant.

The information range for personal file, photos, office files to credit card numbers. Well imagine someone get hold of your private or financial data. This generally unperceived THREAT was one reason that made me buckle my boots, find a good laptop repair manual and VOILA’ in no time I was able to troubleshoot most my laptop problems you too can do the same.

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