Outerne Lantern VS Internet.org Vision by Facebook

Outerne Lantern vision VS Internet.org Vision by Facebook

Some hours ago I shared an update  here about a US based company “Outerne”who’s Lantern vision is aimed at providing free wifi network to every human in the word.

Just going through that post a got to findout that just like Outerne Lantern vision facebook also lunched a similar campaign aimed at providing internet at affordable price. 
Is moved me to take a second look at Lantern and what it has to offer and how this can come into play with facebooks vision following the partnership it signed with some technology companies in August 2014 according to the paper titled “Connecting the World from the Sky”.
Here is just a few extracts from the paper you can read up the rest by clicking on this link internet.org
Lantern One Device, Free Data for every one for life

  Connecting the World from the Sky

Connecting the world is one of the fundamental challenges of our time. When people have
access to the internet, they can not only connect with their friends, family and communities,
but they can also gain access to the tools and information to help find jobs, start businesses,
access healthcare, education and financial services, and have a greater say in their societies.
They get to participate in the knowledge economy.

Haven known the fact that Mark Zuckerberg of facebook and his team share almost the same vision with Outerne, do you think that the world is one step away from being totally interconnected?
above all do you think “Connecting the World from the Sky” vision of Mark Zuckerberg and his team will be a massive success like we have with facebook?

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And finally do you think Google will join in this vision of connecting the world anytime soon?

Please do share your thought with us using the comment box as we will be most grateful to hear them.

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