Kyocera Develop a Smart Phone Charges with Sunlight

Kyocera company primarily known for its heavy-duty smartphones, for example, Kyocera Brigadier display of sapphire glass or Kyocera DuraForce, which has undergone the test from the famous adventurer Bear Grylls.

The phone has nothing special in terms of design and performance, these models do not stand out, but if you’re looking for a phone that can withstand the most severe conditions, then a decent alternative smartphone Kyocera will be hard to find. Although the Japanese manufacturer is trying to develop in other directions, creating some interesting concepts. The company recently unveiled a prototype smartphone Kyocera Proteus, who could change shape and even be worn on the hand, like a clock. Now Kyocera promises to show at the upcoming Congress MWC 2015 concept device technology Wysips Crystal, which allows you to charge the battery from external light sources.

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