iOS 8.2 Release To take place in Early March

As the resource BGR, system update iOS 8.2 for Apple devices could be held as early as next week. Recall; the firmware iOS 8.2 was tested in November, and the most noticeable difference should be able to work with Apple Watch.

Information about the release of an update in March, which is so ahead of the start of sales Apple Watch, scheduled for April, has already appeared in various sources.
 However, it was expected that the update will be released closer to the middle of the month. If the appearance of iOS 8.2 really be held next Monday, March 2, the users will have a week to try out the new system, prior to the scheduled event Apple Spring Forward , where the company will tell new details about Apple Watch.

BGR is usually very accurate in their predictions regarding the release iOS-update. Earlier, this Internet resource has correctly predicted the date of the appearance of beta releases of iOS 7.
It is possible, given the previous forecasts, this time BGR if not mistaken for a week, but Apple users are certain to see the update in the first two weeks of March. Up till now, there have been release for 5 beta iOS 8.2, the latest of which appeared on February 2.

BGR also claims that iOS 8.3 will be 4 beta release. Given that two of them have already taken place, to a full update is only 2 beta. Thus, the release of an update in April.

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In iOS 8.3 is expected to appear improved manager smiles emotion, which will bring a choice of color emoticon and emotive-additional characters.


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