How to download apk files from Google play to PC

 If your an android user I am very sure you understand how much data you will consume why trying to download a file from Google play store and in how frustrating it can be when your on a slow network.
Sometimes you just wish you can simply download the file from your computer and transfer it to your phone later but you just remember it’s not even possible and that worsens your helpless situation and out of your frustration, your network provider still makes more money because your data (MB) still reads and yet you still can’t get what you need when you desire it most.
 Today I am going to show you a simple and very easy way to solve this problem of  downloading apk files from Google play to PC and transfer to your phone at your own time.
Now lets get started;
To download APK files to your pc and later transfer to your mobile device you will need the following;
1: You need a PC with internet connection; this can  be your own or a friends own or even a cyber cafe.
2: You need a USB cable or a card reader to transfer the file to your phone from the PC when your download is completed. 
Step 1:
To download  apk files from Google play to PC, visit google play search for the APK file you wish to download and copy the download link. 
To do  this simple right click on the APK file you want to download and copy link to location.
 Step 2:
Proceed to
and past the link you copied into the package name or Google Play URL section  and click on generate download link as show below;

Step 3: If you copied the correct link after clicking on generate download link you will get a green tab right under the generate download link button just click on it and your download will start (you can also use download manager IDM to make your download run faster.
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