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 Windows 10 Manager:  is a system utility to optimize, tweak, solve problems and clean up Windows 10 from the debris.
All this together, this will increase the speed of the system, you can eliminate different types of errors, improve security, and perform other necessary settings.

The program contains more than 30 different utilities that should help you get Windows 10 to run faster and more stable.

Windows 10 Manager will allow you to get as much information about the system, you can view the keys Windows and Office products, you will be able to view all running processes and learn about them the maximum possible, a single click will be able to clean the system from debris, and “Repair Center” will help fix existing bugs.

Section optimization includes tools to improve the speed of your Windows 10, allows you to customize to launch at system startup, you can configure and optimize system services.

Cleaning allows you to view a chart which files and folders take up more space on the hard drives, there is a utility to completely remove installed programs, Windows 10 Manager will help you find junk files, duplicate files, can scan your computer for files with the same size, looking for invalid entries in the registry, it is possible to defragment the registry.

Windows 10 Manager also allows you to fine-tune the system to gain access to hidden parameters, context menus, and other interesting feature. Security section speaks for itself, it contains utilities responsible for improving security of Windows 10 by correcting different types of errors and setting the necessary parameters.

 Network section allows you to optimize the speed of Internet connection, lower your ping and improve the stability of the compound. The last section is a set of necessary tools, some can customize the welcome screen, taskbar and other elements.

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