how to delete a twitter account

Delete your twitter account or help a friend out if the need arises using the following simple and straight to point steps.

Before i continue with the steps, you may just be asking why should I delete my TWITTER account?
My answer to the above question is; If you think your having too many spammy and less relevant followers and you don’t have all the time in the world to unfollow them then you may just want to delete your account and then start all over to build a network of like minded people.

Haven answered your question, here are the steps to follow when the need arises.

Step1: Login to the twitter account you want to delete, if you have successfully logged in then continue to step2.
Step 2: Now navigate to  the profile and settings tab; this is located at the top right side of your twitter account.

Step 3: Click on settings from the drop down menu to get; Account, Security and Privacy etc.

Step 4: Click on Account from the menu list.

 Step 5: From the Account options Screw down to the end of the end of the Account page to find Deactivate my Account.

Now click on Deactivate my account to delete your twitter account.

If you followed the steps above carefully then am sure you have achieved your aim.

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