How to convert any image file to pdf using Google Chrome

How to convert any image file to pdf using Google Chrome

One out of the multiple functions of Google Chrome browser is it’s ability to save documents or online forms as .pdf (Portable Document Format). This powerfull but undiscovered feature of Google Chrome Browser is what we are going to explore today to learn how to convert any image or .txt file to .pdf (Portable Document Format).

Before I continue, let me anser some simple questions and also give you reasons why you may have to at some point convert your image to pdf (Portable Document Format).

Why should i convert my image to pdf?
To answer this question i will start my saying; when we talk about image here we are not referreing to your personal pictures or that of your friends but reather I am referreing to your documents which have been scaned  and saved as .jpeg, .png etc this are image formats and in most cases if you want to apply for any job or your asked to send in your CV for a job, it is required that you send this documents in pdf format rather than jpeg or other image formats this is to ensure that the document or attachment which you sent can not easily be edited.

Another good reason why your scaned document should be converted to pdf is because pdf file look more original and professional.


Step 1: Download and install Google Chrome; if you you don’t have one already.

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Step 2 Lunch your Google Chrome Browser

 Step 2: Copy the image you want to convert to desktop for easy access.

Step 3: Drag the image you want to convert into Google Chrome and add it the new tab section as you see in the sort below.

Step 4: You will get a result like my. see pics below.


Step 5: This is the final step, press CTR + p to get the print screen, now select pdf from the change option and click on save, give your file a name and your done.

 Have fun converting your files.

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