5 steps to use Whatsapp for 5 years without updating

Use your whatsapp without updating 5 EASY STEPS

Recently whatsapp update has become an issue as people get getting series of message to update their whatsapp application so in view of this I decided to give this little tutorial.
Let’s get the ball rolling
 Note: Irrespective of your phone type this trick will work perfectly.
*Before you use this trick, note when last you used your whatsapp successfully.
To use your whatsapp without updating, follow this simple steps:
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2 thoughts on “5 steps to use Whatsapp for 5 years without updating”

  1. Anonymous says:

    "disable automatic update"…for Whatsapp.

    Where do you do this? I don't see an option in Whatsapp settings to do this. Can you give better instructions on how to disable auto update for Whatsapp?

  2. admin says:

    "disable automatic update" When I say disable automatic update am referring to update for time and date not your whatsapp update.

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