Lock your pc with USB

 PREDATOR locks your PC when you are away, even if your Windows session is still opened.
Predator helps you protect your system without stress of typing password every minute your system goes to sleep

How it works
Download predator
Insert a flash drive of your choice
(autostart with Windows is possible) 
•    you do your work… 

•    when you’re away from your PC, you simply remove the USB drive:
 once it is removed, the keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen darkens
•    when you return back to your PC, you put the USB flash drive in place:
 keyboard and mouse are immediately released, and the display is restored.
It’s easier and faster than closing your Windows session, since you do not have to retype your password when you return.
Advanced Security Features:
Protect several computers with a single flash drive    Protect a computer with several flash drives

•    PREDATOR can send alert messages by Email.
•    PREDATOR can take a picture of the person who tries to use your computer and attach it to an email or upload it to a remote server.
•    PREDATOR records all security-related events in a log file: start, alarms, stop. By reading this log, you will know if intruders have tried to use your computer while you have been away.
•    PREDATOR can replicate this log on your Twitter account, allowing you to remotely monitor all access-control activity on your PC.
•    PREDATOR frequently changes the security codes recorded on your USB drive. If an intruder manages to copy your stick, this copy will not work because the codes on your own stick will have changed in the meantime.
•    PREDATOR disables the Windows task manager when you unplug the USB drive. Nobody can stop it with Ctrl-Alt-Del.
•    PREDATOR disables the CD Autorun feature in Windows, to prevent intruders from running malware on specially crafted CDs.
•    PREDATOR lets you regain control of your computer if you lose your stick: when you start the software for the first time, you set a password that will unlock your session if your USB drive is not available.
•    PREDATOR can sound an audible alarm if somebody enters an invalid password.
•    And finally,PREDATOR can protect several PCs with the same USB flash drive, e.g. your home and office computers.

 Running PREDATOR for the first time

The installer program will automatically start Predator. If not, you can launch it manually via the Start Menu / All Programs / Predator item or via the PREDATOR icon on the DesktopA dialog box will ask you to enter a password and to prepare a USB flash drive:
Insert your USB drive and click OK to continue.
Note: the current contents of your flash drive will be unchanged by this operation. Files on your USB drive will not be deleted nor modified in any way.

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Then you see the Preferences window:  

    Type the password of your choice in the “New Password” field. You will use it to unlock your session if you lose your USB key.
    You must enter at least 6 characters, letters, figures or signs. The password is case sensitive (uppercase and lowercase letters are different). Do not type characters that require the AltGr key because this key is disabled in the Password Dialog.
    Check that the drive letter displayed under “USB key drive” actually matches your flash drive or choose the correct letter from the dropdown list.
    Click the “Create key” button
    Finally, click “Ok”

Predator will exit after this setup procedure: 

Finally, click the Predator icon installed on the desktop to restart the program. When you restart Predator, initialization takes a few seconds, then a green ball icon should flash in the system tray: 

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