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Everybody knows about If you don’t know about them, is one of the most used  link shortening service that pays you to shorten your url using there service.
Yes you heard it right , it pay’s you to shorten your is the most trusted company for cool income.It pays you unlike other scam companies.

Everyone has to wait for 4 seconds to see the masked link but still people use it as a means of make money both on blogs and different social networks. Base on the 
fact that people see this links as frustrating since they have to wait for some 4 seconds before they see the shared link, some persons have reported this as spam as such facebook spam  blocker no longer allow people to share the links using this service which means you can’t make money on your facebook with them. But we have got some good news for you the secret method to still share any of your links using this service on facebook and still make your money even without your friends knowing . Lets get down to business

 Now to share your link on Facebook follow this simple steps

First mask your URL with

    Copy the link and visit and paste your
link and press make url2it, to mask it again.
E.g( your link is ** now login to your account and shorten your link as usual then copy the short url
then open past the url and create a new link by clicking on make url2it) Just share this URL on facebook that’s it now anyone who click on
this converted url will get redirected to link that will again
show that 5 seconds advertisement and hence you will make money.
This was a small tutorial but this can help you earn a lot of money by
simply shortening your links.This method works like charm, if you face any
 problem using this trick just comment below so that I can resolve it.

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    It works fine

  2. Anonymous says:

    you can use this , its great for paid links

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