In this post i will be telling you a simple trick that can help you brows unlimited with mtn I call this the share and sell method; i know most of you may have used this trick before or have never thought of it. Enough now lets get down to the business of the day; First what you need to start browsing unlimited is 1. your mtn sim 2. Activate your sim for mtn share and sell just in case you already forgot how to activate that; go to your phone then text massage the type a text in this format  0000 the pin you want to use then space again and repeat your pin then send to 777 and you should get a success massage Example: 0000 1111 1111 send  to 777.


Now if you already have your pin ready then this is what you have to do migrate to mtn plus by dialing *406# when your on plus you are qualified to get 10mb for free every seven days as you recharge.

Now here is the real thing; some times people recharge there phone so as to brows what you need to do is help your friend or family member to buy 100 Naira recharge card then load it to your phone and you get your 10mb for free then transfer the same money back to the owner you have what you want now without spending 1 Naira of your own money.

Remember this should be done at the end of the seventh day after you must have finished any formal bundle you have. 


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